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Builder Spotlight: Alliston at Home

At South Shore, we sincerely believe that you should be provided with nothing less than outstanding quality and service at every turn. With these values standing tall at the forefront of our company, we choose to only work with the best homebuilders in the business whose goals align with our own.

This month, we’re spotlighting the incredible Alliston at Home – a group that continues to raise the bar when it comes to providing exceptional craftsmanship and a personalized customer experience. From start to finish, know that you are in excellent hands when it comes to a home crafted by Alliston.

Better Space. Better Living.

Creating a spectacular home where you can comfortably build your family’s story is the promise that comes with every Alliston home. They are dedicated to providing a seamless home building experience, offering full transparency at every step in the process so that you’re never left wondering.

Alliston prioritizes customer satisfaction at every turn, understanding that open communication, innovative approaches, exceptional designs, sustainable material selections, and top-tier practices lead to better relationships, exceptional spaces, and higher quality of living.

Committed to creating superior homes where memories can be made in full, Alliston only works with the most trusted, experienced, and detail-orientated professionals to ensure quality design and structural durability. Their team ensures that every project is not only perfect for your family today but an investment for the future.

A Sustainable Approach to Home Building

Alliston understands that a quality home and sustainable building walk hand-in-hand with each other.

That’s why every home is built with customizable, affordable, and energy-efficient products that help customers to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing any of the at-home comforts. This includes high efficiency appliances, state of the art furnace, a heat recovery ventilation system, car charging, recycled fiber insulation, smart home thermostat, and much more!

They also prioritize using domestic and renewable materials to facilitate environmental friendliness, sustainability, and efficiency within their supply chain.

With their eye turned towards greener building, Alliston carefully considers what they produce, where they produce it, how they build, and the impact it has on the natural environment and society. This ensures that your home is not only a sound investment in the present but for the future as well.

Expect Excellence with Alliston

Your home should be nothing less than perfection when you take possession which is why Alliston provides a comprehensive warranty as well as complimentary check-ins. Their builders will return 45 days after you take possession, and then again after 11 months, to ensure any necessary repairs are made, imperfections are remedied, and that you’re feeling 100% comfortable in your new home.

Alliston has partnered with Travelers Canada, Canada’s leading provider of residential real estate products, to provide extensive coverage that you can rely on. Their warranty includes:

· 1 year on materials and labor

· 2 years on delivery and distribution systems

· 5 years on building envelope coverage

· 10 years structural coverage

For all your financial and investment needs, Alliston has teamed up with the financial experts at Roost Mortgage and TD. Together, they provide an exceptional mortgage advantage to their customers which includes:

· Customized financial advice tailored to your unique needs.

· Expert communication, insights, and clarity at every stage of your mortgage term.

· $500 cash back client when funded by Roost Mortgage.

· A guaranteed mortgage rate for a 9- or 12-month term.

· A wide selection of lenders to ensure the best fit for your financial situation.

· Automatic rate matching in the case that your mortgage rate drops within 90 days of your possession date.

If you’d like more information about the builders at Alliston at Home, or require further insights into the communities that they build in, you can visit their website or reach out to us here at South Shore. We are happy to assist you in finding the builder that best suits your unique goals and homebuilding aspirations.


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