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New Homes & Builders

Crafting your new home in depends on many factors, specific to you and your family. In South Shore at Chestermere, you will find a premium group of homebuilders who are ready to create the right space with everything on your list.

The architecture of the homes in the community is reflective of three popular styles. Each home is inclusive of quality building materials and can be customized to match your style, choices, and preference.


Browse through information below to learn more about the homes in South Shore at Chestermere. 

Architectural Design

Architecture in South Shore at Chestermere offers a choice three interpretations of popular new home styles that blend together seamlessly:

  • Modern Beach

  • Prairie Contemporary 

  • Alberta Craftsman

Each of the homes for sale in this new community incorporates high-quality material selections that reflect elements of nature (i.e. woodgrains, stone, sunlight, sky/water etc.) and ensure a long-lasting street or curb appeal throughout. 

1.0 Modern Beach A.png

Modern Beach

Angular and vertical lines in the Modern Beach design style deliver a simple but impressive exterior facade. 

Smooth panel finishes and pops of colour highlight this popular and modern take perfectly suited to to a home near the lake. 

1.0 Prarie D.png

Prairie Contemporary

Prairie Contemporary architecture in South Shore is characterized by low sloping roofs with broad overhangs.  


Horizontal proportions, detailed stone work, and warm earthy colours are strong features on this style of home.


Alberta Craftsman

Pronounced exterior features on a traditional Craftsman home, with a modern and premium interpretation.

Alberta Craftsman architecture includes covered entries, variations on wall planes, dark or traditional colours accented by light trim work. 

Check out the details of the South Shore Community Architectural Guidelines, here

Architectural Design

Home Styles

Single-Family Front Drive - Starting in the mid-$700,000s

Popular and customizable single-family home options are available with double- or triple-car garages.


New home lots available for this home style include green-space or canal backing and cul-de-sac locations. 

Learn more from our builders on the selection of single-family floorplans available in South Shore at Chestermere. 

Sunview Custom Homes
Prominent Homes

Green Cedar Homes

1.0 Modern Craftsman C Alt.png

Duplex - Starting in the mid-$500,000s

A selection of duplex-style homes in South Shore provide the ideal mix of modern style and design and optimal home size.


Each duplex home in offers rear lane access and backs to green space.  

Learn more from our builders on the selection of duplex-style floorplans available in South Shore at Chestermere. 

Crystal Creek Homes
Alliston At Home

Green Cedar Homes

1.0 Prarie Duplex 1500w.png

Townhomes - Starting in the $400,000s

Perfect for first-time homebuyers, as well as those looking for the right-sized space. 

Townhomes are offered exclusively by Alliston at Home and come with a distinctive floor plan selection and best-in-class service. 

Learn more from our builders on the selection of townhome floorplans available in South Shore at Chestermere. 

Alliston At Home

street oriented townhomes.jpg

Find your home style location and availability, here

Home Styles

Home Builders

South Shore at Chestermere brings together a premium and award-winning group of builders. This dedicated line-up of homebuilding partners offer a wide-selection of home style, floorplans, options and more. 

Each new home builder in South Shore is committed to providing an outstanding experience building your new home. 

Learn more about the home builders in South Shore at Chestermere in their profiles below.

Prominent Homes  |  Alliston At Home  |  Green Cedar Homes  |  Sunview Custom Homes

Crystal Creek Homes

Home Builders
Crystal Creek Homes
Prominent Homes
Madison Avenue Group
Green Cedar Homes
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