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4 Can’t Miss Summer Activities in Chestermere

If you’re looking for something extra fun to make the most out of your summer in Chestermere, look no further. We’ve got you covered with four ways to get out of the house, into the sunshine, and having a blast right in your own neighborhood!

On the Lake

We can’t emphasize enough how many fun activities take place on Chestermere Lake! No matter what your age or activity level, there’s a little something for everyone. Honestly, is there any better way to spend a beautiful sunny day then cooling off by a pristine lake packed full of summertime activities?

If you’ve been waiting to take your boat out of hibernation and out for a ride, good news! Chestermere Lake has its own boat launch so you can cruise around in style! Wakeboards, water-skis, and tubes are also permitted so you can take your boating adventure to the next level!

You are welcome to use non motorized watercrafts out on the lake as well, such as canoes, kayaks, sailboats, and paddleboards.

Chestermere Lake is also home to some local fish so, if you have a valid fishing license and a rod, you’re more than welcome to do a little fishing out on the water.

Or, skip the equipment all together and go for a old-fashioned swim! Buoys are placed in public areas to mark where swimming is permitted. Bring your lifejackets and your packed-lunch and have yourself a summertime picnic down by the water. It’s fun and affordable – and that’s a combination that’s hard to beat!

Kids Camps

If you’re looking for a way to entertain the kiddos away from home, summer camp is a great option – and Camp Chestermere is a fun, affordable, and local camp that will get your kids smiling from ear-to-ear.

They offer day camp for kids ages 5-13 as well as overnight camp for kids aged 7-15. Campers are encouraged to participate in all the activities that Camp Chestermere has to offer, from swimming, skills classes, arts and crafts, themed weeks, group games, building, rafting, and more! They offer a 1-to-5 adult-to-camper ratio which ensures that each child gets a personalized and safe experience.

They are a remarkable group of people offering an amazing experience to those that came through their gate. So book in while you can! Spots fill up fast!

Grab a Bite

Summer is a great time to sample the local cuisine and enjoy it either in the comfort of the air conditioning or parked out in the sunshine (we don’t judge either way!)

Van Son Vietnamese has earned their title of local favorite by providing fresh, traditional Vietnamese food that never fails to satisfy. With twenty years of experience under their belt, and a family of fifty cousins working together to manage their locations in Chestermere and surrounding areas, it’s an environment and meal that you don’t want to miss out on!

Or if you’re leaning a little more towards some European cuisine, a slice of pizza will never do you wrong. Choice Pizza lives up to the name, earning their spot as one of the most popular pizza spots in town. With all your favorite flavors on offer, and a heavy sprinkling of some that may become your new favorite, there is something for everyone if you’re craving a slice (or two, or three).

Explore a Park

One of the amazing things about Chestermere is its abundance of green space. You’re always only a hop, skip, or a jump away from a great walking path, bike trail, or waterfront.

Anniversary Park, located on 208 West Chestermere Drive, has fantastic walking and biking paths as well as beach access if you need to cool off after your long trek! It also corners the plaza which means you can get a bit of shopping in while you’re taking in the sights.

While not a traditional park, Chestermere Family Bike Park is an amazing place to bring riders of all experience levels and ages. Pack your lunch and you can sit under one of the towering gazebos as an intermission to your ride – or to conclude it! It’s located at 333 West Creek Drive and had a parking lot as well as available street parking for easy access.

If you’re looking for an entirely different experience all together, Chestermere Skatepark may just be what you’re looking for! Located at the intersection of Rainbow Road and Chestermere Boulevard, the skatepark is a great place to roll around on your skateboard, scooter, or rollerblades. It’s a fantastic learning park, great for those who are just starting out or who want easier terrain to navigate.

Last but certainly not least, we have Sunset Park – a local favorite for paddleboarders, windsurfers, and many more! Located at 421 East Chestermere Drive, this area has steps that give you direct access to the lake. It also leads down to a beach volleyball court, barbeque pits, and a perfect picnic forest that has become a little summertime haven for many families!

Summer fun is just one reason we love living in South Shore of Chestermere. There really is something for everyone here. Looking for a home? Lots and quick possession homes are still available. Reach out to learn more.


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